Dog Sitting {The Ordinary Moments}

I will confess that I am not much of an animal lover. I mean, I have nothing particularly against animals but I’ve never been keen to have them in my life. The closest I get to loving animals is having a soft spot for my sister’s dog Riddler. For two weeks last summer we were dog/house sitting during which Cheeky Chap and Riddler really bonded. In fact, Cheeky Chap has taken to calling Riddler his own dog and still, a year on, has not let up on asking for his own.

Riddler is currently recovering from surgery on his cruciate ligament so he isn’t able to go on long walks. This means I can pop in on him while my sister and her partner are working, let him out to go to the toilet, take him on a short walk. This weekend they went away and asked Cheeky Chap and I to look after Riddler again and we agreed.

Ordinary Moments Cheeky Chap and Riddler

Ordinary Moments Cheeky Chap and Riddler

Ordinary Moments Cheeky Chap and Riddler

Ordinary Moments Cheeky Chap and Riddler

Cheeky Chap regularly spends time with Riddler, he goes to my sister most Wednesday evenings while the husband and I go to counselling. Often now I will catch him looking a bit sad and ask him what is wrong, to which he will reply (with a heavy sigh) “I just miss Riddler”.

As much as he would love a dog, I quite like the fact that we can just borrow someone else’s and not have the responsibility (and not to mention expense) of actually owning one! I think we have a pretty good deal really.

17 thoughts on “Dog Sitting {The Ordinary Moments}

  1. Oh they look like they really adore each other – gorgeous pair! It sounds like a lovely dog but animals are just such a huge commitment – I’d never be able to walk a dog every day x

  2. Even I’m not too fond of keeping pets. I just feel they’re not clean and can harm no matter how well trained they are. Just had some bad experiences in the past, so not keen on getting pets.

  3. It’s obvious to see that they have a strong bond. I think you have got a perfect balance if a full time dog wouldn’t fit in with your life at the moment. We have 2 dogs and we adore them but they are a huge commitment both financially and emotionally.

  4. We have 2 dogs and as much as we adore them they are a huge commitment. Dog sitting on a regular basis is a wonderful alternative and it’s plain to see the bond between your son and Riddler.

  5. We used to dog-sit for some friends, and it was great for the family. A bit like being grandparents – you get the perks, but can hand them back at the end of the day/weekend! Sadly our Basset Hound friend passed away, but we have lovely memories.

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