Create Your Country Kitchen of Dreams

There are few things that will add as much charm to your home than a gorgeous, country kitchen. You don’t have to live in a farmhouse or a very big house in the country to take advantage, this style suits all kinds of homes and you can make it work regardless of how big or small your kitchen is. Perhaps you’ve scrolled through Pinterest or the country kitchen theme has caught your eye in a home magazine, either way- if this is the style for you then here’s how you can go about creating it.


Choose your units

If you’re going to have new units fitted then you can go about choosing the perfect styles. Any kitchen showroom will have plenty of country/ farmhouse style kitchens in stock for you to pick from. However, if you want to renovate and existing kitchen then this is easier than you might think. Take of all of the doors and anything that can be detached (such as kickboards) for ease, and then sand everything down. Paint using special kitchen cupboard paint and you can get a really nice finish- this will make it look like you’ve had a brand new kitchen fitted for just a fraction of the cost! Pinterest style country kitchens tend to be white or cream, but you could consider a very light duck egg blue, sage green or light grey if you wanted to be a little more adventurous. Finish the look by changing the handles, these will really add to the theme so it’s important you get them right. Do your research into country kitchen handles and pick ones that suit your style.

Think about the sink and taps

Apron or ‘Belfast’ style sinks are popular in country kitchens and can be a fantastic way to help to tie the theme together. You can get these, along with cool vintage looking taps at bathroom retailers like Tap Warehouse. Even if you’re not having a full kitchen refit, simply adding a new sink and taps can make such a difference and is another way to transform the look of your old kitchen.

Paint the walls

To keep everything else simple, it’s well worth painting the walls in plain white, this creates a nice blank canvas and stops it from looking fussy. This is because country kitchens do tend to have lots of cute accessories and other bits and pieces so you need to find the right balance. Go with a special kitchen paint which will be wipeable and protect against mould.

Add accessories

Finally, it’s the accessories that will bring it to life and make the room look like a proper country kitchen. Shelves on the wallhousing cute pottery and a pretty crockery set, a big vase of flowers, checked tea towels and baskets filled with fruit or bread will all add to the look. The trick is to add personality without making the space feel too cluttered so decide carefully what you want on display.




Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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