Considering Artificial Grass for the Garden

Just a week before Christmas we moved home. We were transferred from a first floor flat in a block to a ground floor flat. Whilst our previous home a shared garden our new home has it’s own garden. After several summers of refereeing squabbling children (and occasionally adults too), the thought of having our own garden sounded wonderful.

One thing we didn’t think about was the fact that now we had our own garden, we would be responsible for maintenance, but that was something to think about in the next few months, not right away since we moved in during the peak of winter.

For the first few months we didn’t do a thing. There was no need to, we weren’t using the garden and it looked okay. Then May arrived. With May came several long, sunny and warm weeks of sunshine. Temperatures hit well above the usual average, even breaking records.

Our garden began to resemble one which had been abandoned for years rather than just a few months. It reached the point where it was no longer just a case of mowing the lawn but we needed to first use a grass trimmer, or even shears! The grass had grown taller than Cheeky Chap. I was quite surprised at how quickly it happened but I suppose that’s one of the downsides of such lovely weather.

This week, we finally invested in a grass trimmer and lawn mower and the husband made a start on tackling the overgrown garden. It wasn’t long though before the spool in the trimmer unravelled and came flying off. On his next day off we will have to purchase a replacement spool and hope that fixes it so he can finish tidying the grass up.

All of this got me thinking though. How much easier would it be if we had artificial grass. Artificial grass has come a long way in recent years and now seems to have be a popular option for residential gardens. It’s easy to see why. There is no need to treat the grass with pesticides and herbicides to prevent weeds, no need to water or mow the lawn and it looks good all year round, whether in the sun or the shade.

If we weren’t tenants, rather than owners of the property, we would be seriously tempted to invest in artificial grass. And, actually we are, since we are council tenants and therefore have a pretty secure tenancy.

What about you? Have you got artificial grass for your garden? And if not, are you tempted?





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7 thoughts on “Considering Artificial Grass for the Garden

  1. Be warned, weeds will still grow, I don’t know how! There is a garden near here with artificial grass. It looked good at first but now messy with weeds. Also, I read recently of an elderly couple who spent over £1000 on grass only to have it stolen overnight – unbelievable! Does your council have a grass cutting service?

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