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I love spring and the lighter evenings are a sure sign that it’s coming soon. This pleases me immensely. I’ve spent much of this week in bed having been hit by a wave of fatigue. I really hope that I come through it soon as I’ve promised Cheeky Chap some fun outings for half-term next week.


For a long time now I’ve been trying to track down Blogosphere magazine in the shops. I didn’t want to buy it online because I resent paying for postage and I wanted a physical copy rather than a digital one. I also didn’t want to pay for a subscription not knowing what it was like. Anyway, this week I finally tracked one down! I’ve not read much yet but I am excited; it’s thick and good quality paper, almost book like rather than magazine.

Blogosphere magazine Little Loves


I am so excited about the live action version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The original version is one of my favourite Disney films ever. I found the original on Sky Cinema last night and as I’m not sure exactly when our Sky subscription ends I decided to watch it. Cheeky Chap wouldn’t settle last night so cuddled up with me and promptly laughed at me when I cried when the Beast let Belle go to her father. And again at the end. Here’s the trailer to the live action version which is due to be released next month, just in case you haven’t seen it yet.


At Cheeky Chap’s school, they are given a lot of free reign when it comes to homework. On top of standard spellings, maths and reading, they get a creative piece each fortnight. They are given a topic and then have pretty much free reign to do what they want whether that be writing, art based, a junk model or even perform something for family. The final piece before they break up for half term was to do something based on the Quentin Blake story “Mrs Armitage on Wheels”.

Mrs Armitage on Wheels Little Loves


A few weeks ago Cheeky Chap, rather reluctantly, finally started Beavers. Like many areas across the country, our area has a long waiting list for Beavers. We actually put Cheeky Chap’s name down shortly after he turned 5 and he turns 7 in May. It took an awful lot of bribery persuasion to get him to go at first but after four weeks he agreed he was enjoying it and so we bought him the sweater and he took his Beaver Promise.


I know I’m years behind everyone else but I am slowly starting to listen to podcasts. Sara from Me and Orla has recently started a podcast. Now, I’m not a huge Instagram user. As much as I love the platform I can’t seem to get my theme going and I don’t take enough photos to use it consistently but even I have found her podcast Hashtag Authentic useful already. So if you’re an avid Instagram user looking to grow your presence, be sure to check her out.

and lastly

I am so ready for the half-term break! Between Cheeky Chap’s teacher going off sick, then coming back but only part-time before retiring at half-term, it’s been a difficult and disruptive half-term. Cheeky Chap doesn’t deal with change very well at the best of times so the chaos that has ensued due to a lack of proper handover, plus the husband changing jobs meaning he’s working late, has left for a somewhat unsettled kid.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

16 thoughts on “Blogosphere Magazine, Mrs Armitage and Beavers #LittleLoves

  1. I would love to know what you thought of the Blogosphere magazine. I’m not a great Instagrammer but I do love Me&Orla’s feed so I’ll check out her podcast too. Love the photo of your little boy starting Beavers! Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. I really like the creative homework idea. Homework is a struggle here and it’s simply because they’re so dull, photocopied worksheets or 30 mins online. Homework is a real pet hate, though I’m happy to do reading, spellings and tables. Glad to see your son likes Beavers too, it took mine a little time to settle but he loves it now. We’re really looking forward to Beauty and the Beast too sounds like a girlie afternoon treat.

  3. Oh wow I didn’t know you could buy it in a shop. Where??? I was featured in it a few issues ago but didn’t to buy the full subscription but having read my copy of the one I was in it is really really good I think I might have to get a sub anyway. It’s quality. Hope you having a lovely weekend just gone and start to this week. #littleloves

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