4 Ways To Use Your Creative Flair and Business Mind To Make Money

You have always wanted to live a carefree life full of lavish luxuries. You see flawless girls on the beach in Bali flaunting their new freebie bikini, as you scroll through Instagram in your Primark tracksuit and it lights a fire in you to make more money. You want to improve your future finances so you don’t have to worry about scrimping and saving. At the moment you’re questioning whether it is acceptable to be eating leftover spaghetti bolognese for the fourth night in a row. Instead of living a thrifty life you want a lavish one and here is how you can quickly increase your income for a healthier and happier future.

1. Real Estate

There is a lot of money to be made in the housing market, as you probably already know. Your only concern is that you don’t have a spare tonne of money to put into a property of your own. Check out this realty mogul reit review, which outlines a popular crowdfunding real estate platform, allowing investors to pool money to finance housing purchasing. Pooling your assets and coming together with other people to buy buildings worth millions could be your ticket to financial freedom. You won’t be taking a huge risk on your own and the initial costs will be much more than regular real estate investments.


2. Creative in the Kitchen

If you are the type of person who gets rave reviews about your delicious cakes and succulent family dishes then you might want to consider capitalizing on your talents. Catering for special occasions will always be an excellent way to make money, so consider joining forces with somebody else business minded and create a catering company. Ventures like this can start off small in your own kitchen and blossom into something truly profitable. Find a niche and roll with it if you think you’ve got the skills!

3. Get Crafty

Cooking isn’t quite your strong point but you do love creating homemade goodies for your friends. Do you have a natural flair for making cards, gifts or keepsakes? The internet is full of small independent businesses that are making a killing from their niche talents. Come up with an innovative idea and tap into an untouched and potentially profitable market.

4. Business Blogging

Starting your own blog couldn’t be easier; often it can be done in under an hour and for free. When you start up a blog with the intention to make money, you need to make sure you have a clear idea about what you are going to talk about. Try to steer clear of very generic topics and go for a niche topic that will entice a very specific target audience. This will give you more opportunities to collaborate with brands because your market will be explicitly clear to them and that’s exactly what they want!

So use your creative flair and business brain to make money for your future. You want to live a comfortable live in the future and now is the time to build the foundation and set it all up. Use your skills, resources and knowledge and you will be all set for a successful business venture.




Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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