Project 366 ~ Week 9

Another week and another Project 366. And another week of illness. This time I’ve been suffering with blocked sinuses and my back pain being around a level 8. So a very uninspiring week lay ahead. I’m off to the doctor in the morning, perhaps I can get something for my sinusitis then! Day 59 ~ Sunday 28th February ~ Editing some photos while watching some football. Day 60 ~ Monday 29th February ~┬áThere is always some time for play time… Continue Reading “Project 366 ~ Week 9”

Project 366 ~ Week 8

It has been a pretty uneventful week this week and I’ve been feeling pretty stressed for a whole host of reasons. I’m still not having much luck getting back into the swing of my studies and I really need to with an assignment due in two weeks! I had to cheat a couple of times this week and use screenshots to make sure I could complete this week’s Project 366. Day 52 ~ Sunday 21st February ~A cheat picture but… Continue Reading “Project 366 ~ Week 8”

Project 366 ~ Week 6 and Week 7

I have got rather lazy over the last couple of weeks with posting. I don’t know whether it’s that I have been in a lot of pain and feeling a bit low, whether it’s the utterly miserable weather we keep having or what but I simply couldn’t find the enthusiasm to post. So here is a two week catch up of Project 366. Day 38 – Sunday 7n February – It was another wet, windy and cold Sunday which meant… Continue Reading “Project 366 ~ Week 6 and Week 7”

Project 366 ~ Week 5

It’s been another dull week here. Cheeky Chap came down with yet another ear infection. He couldn’t hear and was in a lot of discomfort, meaning two days off school. I finally got the results of my last assignment which I wrote during a stressful week and am pleased to say I got another decent score, certainly better than I thought I would have given the circumstances of that week! I still haven’t got over my cough. It’s really beginning… Continue Reading “Project 366 ~ Week 5”

Project 366 ~ Week 4

Project 366

Thank goodness it is the weekend! This has been a long week for me. Every morning I managed to convince myself it was Thursday and when Thursday finally arrived, I thought it was Friday. Maybe I am still adjusting to getting back into a routine after the madness of Christmas and the week of illness after. Day 24 – Cheeky Chap decided to take this rather odd position when he was watching You Tube clips on the iPad. Day 25… Continue Reading “Project 366 ~ Week 4”