How To Pick the Best Thanksgiving Outfit For Your Little Ones This Year

The countdown is on, and we’re not talking about Christmas. Let’s not forget about the first holiday of the season…Thanksgiving! While not everyone celebrates the holiday the same way, when we think about Thanksgiving we get images of family, friends, turkey with all the fixings, and of course, some delicious pumpkin pie. Whether you are hosting a family get together or an awesome Friendsgiving you want your kids to look fantastic right? Right. Sometimes we forget that having a super… Continue Reading “How To Pick the Best Thanksgiving Outfit For Your Little Ones This Year”

Gratisfaction UK

Is there anyone who doesn’t like to save a little money? Personally, I will usually check price comparison sites or discount code sites before I buy any product or service. I get a real sense of achievement when I’ve managed to save myself some money! I was recently introduced to the discount site There are a few things which make stand out from other websites. It has a simple but bright and appealing design. It is simply organised, with… Continue Reading “Gratisfaction UK”

VELUX Roof Windows

When people look at having extensions built there is a lot to consider. The primary consideration will of course be what is the purpose of the space. If it is to be used as a sleeping you might choose to extend up in the roof. If you are wanting to have a bigger living space, you might choose to extend onto the back or side of your house. In either case, windows are going to be an important consideration in… Continue Reading “VELUX Roof Windows”

Rounders {The Ordinary Moments}

The busyness of the first couple of weeks of the summer holidays has really hit me this week. Last Sunday morning I woke up so exhausted that I couldn’t make it to church. That feeling lingered for most of the week and so we have had a week at home. Cheeky Chap spent several afternoons in the garden with the neighbours. On Saturday afternoon we spent the afternoon with my sister and her new neighbours who have become friends. We… Continue Reading “Rounders {The Ordinary Moments}”

Love & Respect, Shooter and Reconciliation #LittleLoves

We are halfway through the summer holidays and it seems like summer has yet to make an appearance. I really hope it does soon! I’ve put this Little Loves post together then realised that Morgana isn’t running the linky for a month! Whoops. Read If you read my post about our marriage separation, then you will know the husband and I are currently having counselling. During our very first session, our counsellor said that research has proven that men tend… Continue Reading “Love & Respect, Shooter and Reconciliation #LittleLoves”