Hospital Appointments {The Ordinary Moments}

January. What a month. And I don’t mean politically. For me January has been a month of hospital appointments. For three hours a week I am on a Pain Management Programme which has been interesting. I am now half way through and while I’m not altogether sure that I have actually learnt anything new, I have made at least one new friend, possibly a couple more. Having chronic pain and all that goes with it can be quite isolating. It… Continue Reading “Hospital Appointments {The Ordinary Moments}”

Park Life {The Ordinary Moments 17}

We are very lucky living in Bristol. We have a vibrant city with lots of green space and parks. In recent months we haven’t really been outside all that much. While I don’t think it’s actually been particularly wet so far this winter, it’s also not been particularly bright and it feels like there has always been the looming threat of rain. And I am naturally quite lazy. But Cheeky Chap really is the sort of child that needs to… Continue Reading “Park Life {The Ordinary Moments 17}”

Berganza Antique Jewellery

Diamonds. I love them. Actually I am quite lucky. My engagement ring is a classic solitaire diamond and both my wedding and eternity rings are set with diamonds. Even though it is our tenth wedding anniversary this year, it is unlikely that I will get any more jewellery any time soon. We have other things we need to do, like finish the work in the flat so that we can exchange. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming though. I recently… Continue Reading “Berganza Antique Jewellery”

Mucking Around {The Ordinary Moments ~ 17}

There are times when you can see something happening, something you think would be nice to have a record of, and you just start taking pictures and hope for the best. On Friday afternoon I was working in the bedroom and I heard laughter. Lots of giggles and laughter. I wandered into the lounge and saw the husband and Cheeky Chap mucking around together. They were having so much fun and it really made me smile. So, I quickly grabbed… Continue Reading “Mucking Around {The Ordinary Moments ~ 17}”

Home Improvement Plans

For the best part of the last year, our bathroom has been a work in progress. The husband has almost singlehandedly tiled most of the bathroom and fitted a new sink and toilet.¬†We have a shower gifted to us for Christmas 2015 that is still sitting in it’s box, waiting to be fitted. Then the husband will be able to finish off the tiling and lay some new flooring. Then, finally, the bathroom will be finished. I must admit I’m… Continue Reading “Home Improvement Plans”