Regaining Independence in the Bathroom

Despite being a keen dancer as a child and in my early teens, I’ve never been particularly active as an adult. That said, over recent years there has been a considerable deterioration in my mobility. Cheeky Chap’s school, for example, is just under a third of a mile away on foot. It’s a safe walk, with footpaths and cuts across the local park. When we first moved here, I could do the walk in around 10 minutes. These days, the same… Continue Reading “Regaining Independence in the Bathroom”

Breaking Barriers with Bathing Solutions

As a nation, we are living longer. In England, life expectancy at birth for boys increased, from 73.7 years in 1991 to 1993, to 79.5 years in 2012 to 2014, meaning that a newborn baby boy in England in 2012 to 2014 can expect to live 5.9 years longer than a newborn baby boy in the same country over two decades ago. Life expectancy for baby girls increased by 4.1 years, from 79.1 years in 1991 to 1993, to 83.2 years… Continue Reading “Breaking Barriers with Bathing Solutions”

The Ordinary Moments 16 #10 ~ Puzzle Time

Recently I’ve found myself more stressed than I’ve felt in a long time. When life gets stressful or busy, things that you enjoy get put on the back-burner. For me that’s my quiet time in the morning, my studies and my blog. Skipping on these things becomes a short term solution to free up more time and yet it proves counter intuitive as I have no way to relax. The husband started to feel like he was having to tread on egg shells around… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments 16 #10 ~ Puzzle Time”