Social Media and Balance

At the end of the summer we went on a family holiday to Portugal. Although we’ve had several short breaks of a few days each to Hope Cove in Devon, this was not only our first holiday longer than 5 days but also our first trip abroad as a family. Before then we hadn’t been abroad since the husband and I got married in Cyprus in 2007, long before we even considered having children. Before booking, we didn’t do anything… Continue Reading “Social Media and Balance”

My Approach to Meal Planning

For me, the arrival of September always feels like a good time to get organised again. With┬ámy Open University studies re-starting, trying to work on the blog and kick-start a freelance career (something I am keen to do but never seem to quite manage it), it turns out I’m more busy than I thought. At the end of last week it seems I was actually doing too much. I was hit by a huge dose of fatigue on Friday that… Continue Reading “My Approach to Meal Planning”