Referendum Fall Out

Last Thursday the UK held a referendum. We were asked whether we should remain as part of the European Union or whether we should leave. The end result was that the UK decided to part company with the EU. The sun had barely risen on Friday morning when Nigel Farage said that Leave’s promise of £350 million for the NHS was “a mistake”. A couple of people argued over the wording of the claim (some friends of mine said that we were… Continue Reading “Referendum Fall Out”

An Update

So, er, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m not sure anyone has noticed but the last few months have been rather crazy. Between being poorly much of winter and spring, finishing my first year of my Open University degree and worrying about my husband’s health, it didn’t leave much energy for the blog world. I wanted to have something wonderful to come back with but I couldn’t come up with anything so a basic update will have to do! I’ve… Continue Reading “An Update”