Project 366 ~ Week 4

Project 366

Thank goodness it is the weekend! This has been a long week for me. Every morning I managed to convince myself it was Thursday and when Thursday finally arrived, I thought it was Friday. Maybe I am still adjusting to getting back into a routine after the madness of Christmas and the week of illness after. Day 24 – Cheeky Chap decided to take this rather odd position when he was watching You Tube clips on the iPad. Day 25… Continue Reading “Project 366 ~ Week 4”

Loud ‘n’ Proud ~ Key Words

Cheeky Chap has never been particularly clever, or ahead of his peers. While one of his closest friends is ahead of the class both for reading and maths, doing times tables that are usually reserved for years two and three, Cheeky Chap is pretty average. Not ahead, not behind, nothing particularly to write home about in terms of schooling. He did have slight speech issues which meant that he had speech therapy for eight months or so but other than that… Continue Reading “Loud ‘n’ Proud ~ Key Words”

The Ordinary Moments 16 #4 ~ The School Run

As much as I love hearing about Cheeky Chap’s day at school, the school run can be such a mundane part of the day, necessary and ordinary but mundane. I don’t usually take him to school in the mornings as that is the husband’s job. As I cannot drive I walk to the school. It isn’t far but most days it can still be a struggle for me and I resent having to do it. It makes me sore and tired and… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments 16 #4 ~ The School Run”

Project 366 ~ Week 3

Project 366

Week 3 has been a difficult week. I failed my driving test in rather spectacular style. After a perfect start, I ended up stalling across two lanes, on a roundabout, on the way back to the test centre. I then tried to restart the car in third gear, then I reversed. Until that point I hadn’t even received a single minor. Just three minutes from the test centre! Never mind, hopefully next time. I also haven’t felt well all week… Continue Reading “Project 366 ~ Week 3”

The Ordinary Moments 16 #3 ~ A Lazy Weekend in Hope Cove

I have mentioned before my love for Hope Cove. We are very lucky that a close family member has a holiday apartment in such a beautiful place that we are able to make use of. We probably go a couple of times a year although I would happily head there every weekend if I could! We often visit during the autumn and winter months, some times early spring and so we are not always blessed with beautiful weather like when we… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments 16 #3 ~ A Lazy Weekend in Hope Cove”