My Name is Rachel…

…and I am in recovery for alcoholism. Phew.¬†Writing those words on this blog for the first time is scary. I had my last alcoholic drink¬†on 9 March 2014. For some people that is no big deal. For someone who was drinking up to four or five bottles of wine towards the end, it’s a pretty big deal. It is something I am both proud and ashamed of. Proud that I have come this far, ashamed that I am an alcoholic… Continue Reading “My Name is Rachel…”

Benefits of Hygienic Wall Cladding

It’s no secret that we are currently in the process of decorating our bathroom, with the husband tiling it himself. Recently someone mentioned wall cladding as an option which I was surprised by. To be honest, I had always only considered cladding as an external option, not for inside! However, it turns out that there are uses inside and actually, there are a number of benefits to covering walls with PVC cladding, rather than tiles. I have found just a… Continue Reading “Benefits of Hygienic Wall Cladding”

Soft Play Hell

Yesterday we attended a birthday party at our local soft play. It is safe to say it was utter chaos. When we arrived (five minutes early) they were still checking in people who were attending the party that should have started 30 minutes previously. There was a large huddle of children and adults trying to get through, with regular customers still being processed in at the same time. We finally got in, 10 minutes late and weaved our way through… Continue Reading “Soft Play Hell”

A Busy Half Term

half term

For those of you are uninitiated in the school life, the autumn term is the typically the longest term of the school year. Each half term is around seven or eight weeks long, while the summer term can be as little as five weeks each half term. It is safe to say that by the time half term comes round at the end of October, everyone is more than ready for it, from the children through to the parents. Even… Continue Reading “A Busy Half Term”

A Bathroom Makeover

When we first moved into our home, we rushed our decorating. We were presented with a blank canvas, literally every room had been whitewashed and we were keen to start to make our mark. We have now lived here for two years and while it feels like we should have all the rooms how we want them by now, the flat is still very much a work in progress. The front room has been decorated twice now and we are… Continue Reading “A Bathroom Makeover”