When your home becomes too small

Not having enough space is a common problem faced by many home owners. Many start off with houses or apartments which are seemingly the perfect size for their needs, only to realize that the house feels like it’s getting smaller every year. That same space that once felt comfortable suddenly and quickly fills up, with marriage, children, friends or other relatives moving in for short periods all contributing factors. The longer we live in the same place, the more possessions… Continue Reading “When your home becomes too small”

Learning to Ride His Bike

When you are a parent to a baby or toddler, firsts are a reasonably regular occurrence. When they first smile, roll, crawl, sit up, say words, take their first steps, speak in full sentences. All sorts of things are firsts worthy of celebrating and making you feel like the proudest parent to have ever lived. Soon enough, your little baby has developed into a little person and firsts, while no less worthy of celebration, slow down. There are still many more to… Continue Reading “Learning to Ride His Bike”

Having “Just one child”

More and more recently I have been thinking about our decision to have “just one child” and I have questioned that decision. In recent months a lot of pregnancies have been announced in the blogging community and there have been a few births as well. Beautiful videos of announcements are shared and I watch how happy children get when they discover they are going to be a big brother or sister and I feel a pang, a guilt that it… Continue Reading “Having “Just one child””

A Brewers Fayre Catch Up

One of the main reasons that we moved to Bristol almost four years ago was to be closer to my sisters. Our aunt and uncle took them in as their own when our mum died and I missed most of their years of growing up. While I tend to see my sisters separately at least every couple of weeks, life is busy for everyone and it’s getting more and more difficult to meet up together. So when Brewers Fayre asked… Continue Reading “A Brewers Fayre Catch Up”