Constant Decorating

We decorated Cheeky Chap’s bedroom when we first moved in but it’s just so dark. It only has one quite small window and it isn’t the biggest bedroom. The husband bought the paint without buying tester pots so when he came home with it, I didn’t feel we had much choice except to go ahead and use it. If I am honest, I disliked it as soon the paint dried! So now I want to decorate it again. He needs more… Continue Reading “Constant Decorating”

Nonsensical Ramble

After the quiet, lazy summer we had, life seems to have become rather busy rather chaotic. Cheeky Chap has been back at school for three weeks now and I think he is slowly getting used to the workload and homework. He recently started an after school club which he enjoys but I am not entirely sure what exactly he does there. His friendship group seems to have got wider and he no longer talks about just one or two people… Continue Reading “Nonsensical Ramble”

Illness and a Trip to Leigh Woods

If you’ve read my blog or followed me on social media for a period of time, you will know that I tend to get just about every bug and virus that does the rounds. Cheeky Chap and the husband usually manage to avoid them, bar the odd cold. On collecting him from school on Thursday, Cheeky Chap was miserable, tired and whiney. I knew it would be a battle to get him to do his homework that evening but Thursday… Continue Reading “Illness and a Trip to Leigh Woods”

Decorating Inspiration

We have lived in our flat for a little over two years now. When we moved in we had a blank canvas, all of the walls had been whitewashed. We immediately set to work on decorating in order to try and make it feel like home although we didn’t take much time to plan our ideas out. Having spent the previous nine months living in temporary accommodation in a hostel, we were keen to decorate Cheeky Chap’s bedroom first in order… Continue Reading “Decorating Inspiration”


I do not think I have been as frustrated as I am at the moment, in so many different areas of my life. I am frustrated health wise. It seems to be one thing after another, a new diagnosis or a change in medication throwing up new side effects and trying to manage them. At the beginning of August I visited pain management and it was suggested that my pain may be in part caused by something other than my chiari malformation… Continue Reading “Frustrated”