Disappointing Summer Holiday

I’ll be honest; this summer holiday hasn’t been a huge success. I had grand plans of doing lots of fun things, having day trips out and generally creating memories with Cheeky Chap but those didn’t quite materialise, partly due to the weather (is it me or has it been the most miserable summer in a while?) and partly due to my recovery. I have been so tired and drained of energy. Despite the warnings of a long recovery period I… Continue Reading “Disappointing Summer Holiday”

8 Photos of Happiness Tag

Started by Ariel Ward, the 8 photos of happiness tag is something I have seen a few times. I am not often one for taking part in a blogging tag but I am lacking inspiration over here lately so when Bex asked if she could tag me, I agreed in the hope of getting the creative juices flowing! Rules and explanation of this tag Thank your nominator/s and link them in your post. Link the creator (Ariel’s little corner of the… Continue Reading “8 Photos of Happiness Tag”

Recovery from Surgery Update

Things have been somewhat strained in recent weeks. The pressures of the last few months, my surgery, my subsequent admittance to hospital, my recovery from surgery have all taken their toll on us as a family and at times you could cut the tension with a knife. While I haven’t been as poorly as some people I know with my conditions, it’s still been a difficult time and it feels like it could be such a long time until I… Continue Reading “Recovery from Surgery Update”

Resuming my Career

Before I had Cheeky Chap and all through my pregnancy, I was convinced that I would return to work after maternity leave and pick up my career that I had just started, maybe even push myself more because I had someone else to provide for. For me, things didn’t turn out that way. I struggled with returning work and that must have been obvious as I was made redundant within my first year back at work. I have been a stay… Continue Reading “Resuming my Career”

Having a Car and Not Driving

Most people get their first car once they have passed their driving. I, however like to do things slightly differently. I can’t drive and yet I am the registered owner of a lovely Ford Focus. While I do quite like being driven around most of the time, there are times when it’s annoying to not be able to drive myself places and I am sure the husband finds it rather annoying having to take me to places he that doesn’t… Continue Reading “Having a Car and Not Driving”