Bristol Foodies Festival

Despite living in Bristol for a few years now and loving food (everyone needs to eat, right?) I have never attended the Bristol Foodies Festival and I am not really sure why. Foodies Festival Bristol returns this weekend to a new venue at the Downs (a space I LOVE) from Friday 26 June through until Sunday 28 June and I am going to rectify that and pay a visit on Saturday. Foodies Festivals launched in 2005 with a single event at… Continue Reading “Bristol Foodies Festival”

Ordinary Moments – Park Fun

It has been three weeks since I have managed to get outside, to enjoy watching Cheeky Chap play in the park. Three weeks might not sound like a long time but it really has felt it. Three weeks of not taking Cheeky Chap to the park. Three weeks of not seeing him in his element, climbing, daring, exploring, burning off energy. Three weeks of not seeing him truly enjoy himself. He has, of course, been to the park and had some… Continue Reading “Ordinary Moments – Park Fun”


Recovery from major surgery is hard. While that may not come as a surprise to many, it’s so much tougher than I had imagined. I imagined I would enjoy resting, with my feet up most of the time, binging on Netflix, Coke Zero and chocolate. I thought of the after school hours snuggled in bed with Cheeky Chap watching CBeebies, or lying on my bed while he played in the garden. I had images in my head of enjoying take… Continue Reading “Recovery”

The Illness – Chiari Malformation

Having written briefly about my sudden surgery and some of the snatches of ordinary moments during recovery so far, I thought it might be an idea to write about what is actually wrong with me, why I needed the surgery in the first place. So here is a bit of an explanation, which may be rather boring! There are actually several things wrong with me, the main one being Arnold Chiari (key-AR-ee) Malformation, A Chiari malformation is when part of the cerebellum, or… Continue Reading “The Illness – Chiari Malformation”

Ordinary Moments – Post Operation

This week they’ve been little tubs of pills brought into my room at regular intervals by a nurse. Ordinary moments include trays of bland food served up three times a day by the catering staff. Awful coffee a couple of times a day by another couple of faces. Numerous blood tests, observations, scans. Finding nice, ordinary moments in hospital is hard. There are of course the visits from the husband. Usually fairly short to drop a few things off, stay… Continue Reading “Ordinary Moments – Post Operation”