Beach Life


Throughout my teens and twenties, I lived in Bournemouth. I was a frequent visitor to the beach through my teens but as I got older and my world grew bigger, life got in the way, it became easy to take for granted that I had a beautiful beach on my doorstep and my visits became less frequent. Then I moved to Bristol and visits to the beach became even less frequent. Being used to golden, sandy beaches, Weston-Super-Mare didn’t quite… Continue Reading “Beach Life”

The Election Fall Out

The votes are in and as they say on talent shows, have been counted and verified (sometimes twice). There is nothing more we can do except accept the result. I am, of course, talking about the result of the general election held on May 7. Shortly after 10 pm, social media, Twitter in particular, went into meltdown when it was revealed that the exit polls put the Conservative party as the one with the most MPs. Every single opinion poll… Continue Reading “The Election Fall Out”

Cheeky Chap Turns Five

On Sunday┬áCheeky Chap┬áturned five-years-old. Without wishing to sound cheesy, I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. Like most parents I can remember the day he was born as though it was yesterday. The finer details are starting to get sketchy of course and I’m not sure whether it’s just my shocking memory or whether the passage of time does that anyway, perhaps it is a bit of both. This year has seen Cheeky Chap’s speech come on in… Continue Reading “Cheeky Chap Turns Five”