Wrap It! Body Wrap Review

I shared last week about how I have started the 5:2 way of eating and that I have had great results by eating this way. There are, however, downsides to weight loss. Namely, for me, I am still left with a belly and unsightly stretch marks, something I had never had before putting the weight on last year. Even after having Cheeky Chap I quickly got back into shape with little effort. I accepted thatĀ this is not something I can… Continue Reading “Wrap It! Body Wrap Review”

The Ordinary Moments – Napping and Street Art

The earlier part of this week was spent at home with my little dude as he got over the last of the chicken pox, the latter part was spent recovering from a week of having him at home! It is really quite draining keeping a four-but-nearly-five-year-old indoors 24/7 for a week when all he wants to do is be outside or at school with his friends. As I dropped a very happy little boy off at school on Wednesday, I… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments – Napping and Street Art”

Parents Evening

It’s that time of year again that fills every parent with anxiety. No matter how confident one is about their child’s ability and behaviour, there is always that little voice that whispers to you “What if the teacher tells you he misbehaves? What if you find out that he is further behind his peers?”. At least that is what happened to me in the run up to our first parents evening and it happened again last week. We know that… Continue Reading “Parents Evening”

A House of Illness – The Ordinary Moments

It hasn’t been a great week in this household for illness. In fact, if you follow me on Twitter you will know it’s been a pretty poor winter for illness and the sooner that spring arrives properly, the better as far as I am concerned. I have had a cough that just won’t shift for a few weeks, my hearing has been worse than ever (and it is pretty shocking anyway, something I really need to do something about considering… Continue Reading “A House of Illness – The Ordinary Moments”

Starting the 5:2 Diet

A little over six weeks ago MumsnetĀ asked me if I would like to try an online support group for people on the 5:2 diet. Having tired traditional slimming clubs without any success (as I could not get my head around the different categories of food) I was prepared to give it a go. In case you have been living under a rock or on the moon, 5:2 is basically eating a normal, balanced diet five days a week and restricting… Continue Reading “Starting the 5:2 Diet”