Reflections on 2014

This time last year, I thought I was happy, at least as happy as I was ever going to be. Little did I know that things would come to a head and that by the middle of January my marriage would be hanging by a thread. Weeks went by were the husband and I didn’t talk to one another unless it was related to the practicalities of parenting; who was going to do the school run, bath-time, take him to the park. … Continue Reading “Reflections on 2014”

My Sunday Photo – Father Christmas

This week we took Cheeky Chap to see Father Christmas. We weren’t too sure how he would be. We knew that it would only be a short visit and it can often take him a while to come out of his shell. We needn’t have worried; he absolutely adored his visit. His face was a picture of delight as we strolled through the magical castle. He felt special that Father Christmas knew his name, so much so that he didn’t… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Father Christmas”

My Sunday Photo – Web

Yesterday afternoon was a crisp, wintery afternoon. It wasn’t quite as cold as it has been and it wasn’t raining so we decided to make the most of it and took Cheeky Chap to Blaise Castle. With 650 acres to explore, plus a museum and a castle, there are lots of different walks you can take on the estate but of course, with a child in tow, we tend to stick to the two children’s playgrounds, which also happen to… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Web”

Loud n Proud – Writing

Cheeky Chap is an active child. He likes to run, play, create and build. He is full of energy and he never seems to stop. He is fiercely independent and this independence is growing. He does not like to be still or to be told what to do. This obviously creates some problems. He is in Reception now, in proper school and while a lot of his learning is still play based, there is more formal education. Namely, reading and… Continue Reading “Loud n Proud – Writing”

Me Time

It is easy to live a busy pace of life. We can get caught up in the mundane, the school runs, mounds of washing, piles of ironing (unless you are like me and just don’t bother). Particularly as parents it can be hard to switch off or to take time for ourselves. Often we feel there just isn’t time or life is all about everyone else. Recently I have learned it is important to make time for me and that… Continue Reading “Me Time”