My Sunday Photo – Flowers

I love to have fresh flowers in the flat. They brighten the place up and add a lovely scent at the same time. I am not very good at arranging them though. I find that these days, supermarket flowers can be fairly good quality and last a while so there is no need for a great expense. My own favourites are lilies, particularly these pink ones. They remind me of my mum and of my wedding day, or rather, my… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Flowers”

The Winter Romance

Now, before you all wonder what on earth is going on in my home life that I have a new romance, worry not. The husband and I are still very much together, very much in love and rather content with our little family and lives. *passes around the sick bucket* No, what I want to talk about is the winter romance. You know what I mean. When winter arrives, we are flooded with romantic images. The couple cuddled up in… Continue Reading “The Winter Romance”

A Perfect Busy Weekend

Weekends are usually fairly quiet affairs here. We tend to take things as they come, with little planning. We often have chores to do around the flat and a few errands to run. We might go to a local park, have a meal out or perhaps take Cheeky Chap swimming. If I make plans for a weekend, the husband will often have a little sulk; we like that they are filled with time relaxing at home, playing with Cheeky Chap and just… Continue Reading “A Perfect Busy Weekend”

My Sunday Photo – Normal

This week has been the stuff of routine. Getting up each morning, taking Cheeky Chap to school, chores during the day, afternoons and evenings at home of reading and phonics practice. Life has been steady, normal, mundane almost for a while now. I am used to something happening, a drama of some sort filling my thoughts and dreams, something to fret over and get anxious about. When life is quiet, normal I feel content but also like I am waiting… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Normal”

My Sunday Photo – A sneak peek

Earlier this week, I told you how we are basically winging it when it comes to decorating our lounge. The theme has largely been worked around the turquoise boxes we picked up in Ikea to go in the entertainment unit for the TV etc. We aren’t great planners and tend to just go with the flow on a lot of things, it seems decorating is no exception. In the last couple of days we have made a start. I say… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – A sneak peek”