First Day at School

Dear Cheeky Chap I cannot quite believe that this morning saw me and Daddy take you to school for the first time. It feels like just a few weeks ago that you were placed into my arms after you were born, when I made a promise to protect you and love you forever and now I have to let you go, trust other people to keep you safe from 8.45 – 3.20 five days a week. You cried last night… Continue Reading “First Day at School”


He has started school, embarking on his own journey through life. Of course his journey started over four years ago, when he first entered this world as a brand new, tiny human being. Back then he was so utterly dependent on me, to do everything for him, from feeding him, washing him, dressing him. I could lie him down somewhere and turn my back for a few seconds, knowing he would stay put, such was his inability to do anything… Continue Reading “Changes”

A Fresh Start

For several months I have felt lost. Wanting to write and yet unable to. I have had thoughts and feelings, good and bad, running around in my head, conflicting with each other. I have another blog but one where I have felt unable to be me. I have felt tied to one genre, which is not necessarily a bad thing but parenting is a genre I feel disconnected to, with an ever growing sense of distance. I could have had… Continue Reading “A Fresh Start”