One Boy and His Dog

Last year my sister and her partner got a rescue dog. As a young pup, Riddler used to be somewhat excitable. The first few times Cheeky Chap met him I think he was quite taken aback by him. With time and training, Riddler has calmed down a little but is still definitely a character. For around six months, the husband walked Riddler twice a week when both my sister and her partner worked. During the school holidays, Cheeky Chap would join… Continue Reading “One Boy and His Dog”

Pain Management and a Psychologist

A few weeks ago I found myself sitting in a room with a psychologist rather unexpectedly. I had arrived at the hospital knowing that I had an appointment, finally, with pain management. I had thought I was already in contact with pain management but it turns out I had been under the care of the pain clinic. Pain clinic looks at the source of the pain and how to ease the pain itself. Pain management helps those with chronic pain to learn techniques… Continue Reading “Pain Management and a Psychologist”

The Ordinary Moments 16 #9 ~ The Half Way Point

Blaise walk

It’s hard to believe but we are now half-way through the summer break. I almost feel as though we have wasted the last three weeks as we haven’t really done much at all. One of the (few) benefits to having a communal garden is that we have ready made playmates for Cheeky Chap. As long as it is a dry day, we are able to send him out into the garden and, more often than not, at least one other… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments 16 #9 ~ The Half Way Point”

Life Lately


I keep meaning to blog recently but I’ve had such so much going on in life lately that I’ve struggled to find the time, or when I have had the time, I’ve been too fatigued to do anything! Now I feel like writing and I don’t know where to start so here is a rather disjointed update. It doesn’t ‘flow’ well but I am sharing it with the hope that I will once again get back into regular blogging! Regular… Continue Reading “Life Lately”

Referendum Fall Out

Last Thursday the UK held a referendum. We were asked whether we should remain as part of the European Union or whether we should leave. The end result was that the UK decided to part company with the EU. The sun had barely risen on Friday morning when Nigel Farage said that Leave’s promise of £350 million for the NHS was “a mistake”. A couple of people argued over the wording of the claim (some friends of mine said that we were… Continue Reading “Referendum Fall Out”