Referendum Fall Out

Last Thursday the UK held a referendum. We were asked whether we should remain as part of the European Union or whether we should leave. The end result was that the UK decided to part company with the EU. The sun had barely risen on Friday morning when Nigel Farage said that Leave’s promise of £350 million for the NHS was “a mistake”. A couple of people argued over the wording of the claim (some friends of mine said that we were… Continue Reading “Referendum Fall Out”

An Update

So, er, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m not sure anyone has noticed but the last few months have been rather crazy. Between being poorly much of winter and spring, finishing my first year of my Open University degree and worrying about my husband’s health, it didn’t leave much energy for the blog world. I wanted to have something wonderful to come back with but I couldn’t come up with anything so a basic update will have to do! I’ve… Continue Reading “An Update”

The Ordinary Moments 16 #8 ~ Good Enough

This winter has seen me hit by a seemingly never-ending cycle of viruses and sickness bugs which has taken a toll lately. I’ve been tired, emotional, distracted, drained of all energy and I have struggled with not feeling good enough. I’m hoping that a little over two weeks of rest and life at a slower pace thanks to the school holidays, is just what we need in order to break the illness cycle and emotional slump. The end of last term… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments 16 #8 ~ Good Enough”

Choosing Whether to Wear Contact Lenses

As someone who only needs to wear glasses for reading and computer work, I have never really considered contact lenses as an option before. I always assumed that I simply wouldn’t be able to have them but it turns out that some people are able to wear contact lenses when long sighted. I am now thinking about speaking to my optician since I spend a large chunk of my time in front of a screen whether studying, generally wasting time on… Continue Reading “Choosing Whether to Wear Contact Lenses”

Project 366 ~ Week 9

Another week and another Project 366. And another week of illness. This time I’ve been suffering with blocked sinuses and my back pain being around a level 8. So a very uninspiring week lay ahead. I’m off to the doctor in the morning, perhaps I can get something for my sinusitis then! Day 59 ~ Sunday 28th February ~ Editing some photos while watching some football. Day 60 ~ Monday 29th February ~ There is always some time for play time… Continue Reading “Project 366 ~ Week 9”